Wednesday, January 27, 2010


13 Reasons Why involves many characters but as the book states there is 13 main characters whom Hannah Baker (the protagonist) blames for her decision
of comitting suicide. Before her death she leaves behind 7 tapes each marked with a number on both sides except for 7th one of course because 13 is not an even number. On each side is recorded the story of why each of those persons led to her suicide. She compares this to a snowball-effect. The first character on the tapes is her first kiss-boyfriend Justin Foley whom after they kissed at the park started adding to the story and created a bad reputation for Hannah,and that was just the beggining. Next was Alex Standall's turn he also like Hannah was new in town during freshmen year. He voted Hannah best ass in th freshmen class just to get his ex-girlfriend jealous only added to Hannah's reputation.The 3rd person was her first and former best friend in town Jessica Davis, Alex Sandall's former girlfriend. She started believing rumors about Hannah and her boyfriend ALex ad eventually stopped talkin to her. The 4th person is Tyler Down a guy who she was never close to but was a Peeping Tom for several nights outside her window. He took many pictures of her and though he never showed them to anyone she never felt secure in her house ever again. The 5th character is Courtney Crimsen who pretended to be her friend when she needed her but at other times would totally ignore her. Hannah felt horribly used. Marcus Cooley was the 6th person, he joking around asked Hannah out on a date then made her wait a long time for him to arrive. Then he tried touching her in inappropriate ways which only made her feel even worst. The 7h person in this Zach Dempsey who stoled her paper bag notes of encouragment. She needed the hope thosenotes might have offered her more than anytime before but he took that hope away from her. Ryan Shaver is the 8th character in Hannah's awful list she accuses him for stealing her poetry scrapbook.When at that time poetry was her escape from her loneliness. She felt now her own thoughts were being offered up for ridicule. Then Clay Jensen-
number 9- well was accordig to Hannah the only person on her list that didn't belong there because his situation wasn't about what he did but most likely what he didn't do. He had so many times to help her to save her but he never saw them or he simply didnt want to notice them. He had always had a thing for Hannah Baker but he never had the guts to go up to her. The worst part was that Hannah had started to like him to. The 10th tape makes a person reappear in her list-Justin Foley- he gained his appearance in this tape for allowing the violation of one of their classmates. Which only added to the snow-ball effect. Jenny Kurtz is the llth character. She had previously talked to Hannah but had never done anything absolutely wrong....yet. One night while Jennny was driving Hannah to her house after offering to give her a ride at a party, enny had apparently dranked a little bit too much and accidentally knocked a stop sign over. Hannah insisted in asking someone else to drive them and to notify the police of the inccident but Jenny abstained. After Hannah insisting so much Jenny asked her to get out from her car and again Hannah was let down. The next day she found out there was an accident caused by a fallen sign. Hannah felt terribly guilty. Bryce Walker was next he was number 12 he had always been a jerk with girls and Hannah knew better than haging out with him bt all she needwas that extra push for everything around her to collapse and darken as possible. And Bryce, she knew could help her do that. She accepted her invitation to a hot tub with along with Courtney Crimsen and there he took advantage of her weakness and did what he wanted with her body. The last character was one of Hannah's teachers, Mr. Porter he was her last resort she tred letting him know she wanted to end with her life but he as the others just didn't notice. All she wanted to find out was if they cared and they did but it just wasn't enough and that lead her to suicide.

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